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Our Policies

our most updated policies is always on this page. any paper, or pdf copies may very well be outdated.


Our mission at Sterling Gymnastics Academy is to not only teach technically-correct gymnastics, but to also give the children something to look forward to each week! We not only provide the tools for your athlete to become the best gymnast they can be, but also the best person they can be. We will challenge the gymnast by:

  • Helping the gymnast to set goals and then achieve those goals, thus enforcing self-worth and positive behavior.
  • Helping the gymnast to interact socially with not only our coaches, but also the other children in class.Helping the gymnast to understand the meaning of work, and relating it to their future success in all endeavors.
  • Helping the gymnast to understand the meaning of work, and relating it to their future success in all endeavors.



SGA is proud to offer 2 make ups per session. These make up classes need to be completed in the session in which they were missed. The gymnast must miss a class first before scheduling a make-up. In circumstances of severe illness or other catastrophic events (substantiated by a doctor) lasting two consecutive weeks or more, the participant’s classes will be pro-rated via credit on the parents account. To schedule a make-up parents may come to the front desk or call the gyms main phone (586) 553-9481.

Class Changes

Class changes will be decided at the discretion of the coaches, rec director, and/or front-end supervisor. Generally speaking, permitting availability, SGA allows one class change per session and only after the 3rd week of classes.


We ask that parents have their girls in a leotard, which can be purchased in our pro-shop. Skirted ballet leotards are not suited for gymnastics events. Male gymnasts are required to wear a tank top or fitted T-shirt, tucked in, with comfortable shorts and/or athletic pants (no snaps or buckles).

Sweatshirts, oversized T-shirts, tight cotton or blue jean shorts, jeans and halter/crop tops are not considered appropriate attire. Gymnasts are required to go barefoot. All participants with hair longer than chin length are required to have their hair restrained in a comfortable style using elastic band(s). Large hair clips, plastic head bands and bubble ponytail holders are both unsafe and uncomfortable. The only jewelry permitted is stud earrings. Please leave watches, rings, bracelets, etc. at home. Sterling Gymnastics Academy is not responsible for lost or damaged personal belongings/valuables.

Class Cancellation

Classes are scheduled for each session so that each participant has 9 classes. Some extenuating circumstances arise, and only 7/8 classes will fit into the session. In these cases, an additional make-up will be permitted for those affected individuals. These cases could be holidays, weather-permitting events, and/or building catastrophes.

Competitive Teams

Sterling Gymnastics Academy teams compete in USA Gymnastics (USAG) sanctioned events. Participation on a developmental/competitive team is by invitation only. These invitations generally will go out during the Spring Session (mid-April through mid-June).


Participants’ shoes, socks, clothing and personal items are to be stored in the cubbies during class. The cubbies are located in the viewing area. Parents are asked to be sure that all personal belongings are removed before leaving the facility as Sterling Gymnastics Academy is not responsible for any item(s) left behind.

Credit Cards

Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted as well as debit cards and cash/checks. Billing will show as Sterling Gymnastics Academy on your monthly statement. To initiate automatic card billing for tuition, please contact the front desk personnel.


Every effort is made to enroll your child in the class best suited to their individual listening and age, as well as skill requirements. Assessment is made on experience, and, if necessary, individual testing. Children are recommended to move up to the next higher level once they have mastered at least 75% of the skills at the level they are currently enrolled in.

Current Members

SGA permits one evaluation per year for current members. This policy is outside of in-class evaluations, which are completed on a session basis.

Non-Current Members

Requires a non-refundable $50 deposit. This deposit will be applied to your first class.

Progress reports

Coaches will progress gymnast skills and evaluate throughout the session and progress reports will be handed out the 7th week of every session. Kids starting after week 5 will not receive a progress report, given that the coach will not have enough time with the gymnast to progress skills.

Private lessons

Private lessons are available in 30 or 60-minute increments, individually or in groups of no more than 3. You will be required to fill out a private lesson request form. This form will be then given to a qualified coach, whom will contact you from our local phone (586-553-9481). You are not permitted to be in contact with the coach via any other outlet other than in person, at Sterling Gymnastics Academy, or over the gym’s main number. Private lessons are for a specific skill and/or event.

Class Changes

Sterling Gymnastics Academy strongly urges parents to be sure they are able to attend the day of the week that they register for. If a change is required after your child(ren) are registered, there is a $25 charge to do so.


Sterling Gymnastics Academy does not offer refunds. We do offer credits under very limited circumstances. If approved, via the Front-End Supervisor, a credit will be placed on your account to be used for any activity or event SGA offers. Credits are available for a period of 1 year, and will be removed if not utilized by then.

Class Credits require the following:

1. Parent must work with the coach/director/receptionist to remedy the problem within the first 3 weeks of classes

2. Child must try the class for at least 3 weeks.

If after the parent and/or child is still un-happy, a credit will be placed on the account for the 50% of the cost of the class. Credits are available for a period of 1 year, and will be removed if not utilized by then.

Class Credits after week 3

There will be no credits issued for classes after week 3. The same is true for those individuals whom register late for the session.

Registration Fee

Each family, which consists of children with the same last name and live in the same house hold, are required to pay an annual registration fee upon initial registration and, thereafter, annually on the anniversary of their registration. This registration entitles the participant to participate in any of the gym programs. The Registration Fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

Return Check Fee

A $30 fee per returned check occurrence is assessed. Sterling Gymnastics Academy reserves the right to request payments be made in cash or bank check in any instance.

Prepaid Classes

All recreational and preschool classes can be paid in advance for the entire year, this will allow for a 20% discount. Please see the front desk to make arrangements.

**Note: The Registration Fee is not included in the discount, and is still required.

**Note: Refunds will not be issued for prepaid classes.


All recreational and preschool participants are welcome to sign up for monthly auto-enrollment. This guarantees your spot on a specific class (day/time). This program requires a year commitment, and offers a 15% discount for all families, regardless of the number of classes/participants.

Late Payments

Auto-Enrollment payments are processed on the 1st of every month. If a card is declined, you will be notified immediately via email/phone call. If a payment is not made by the end of the day (business hours permitting), you will be assessed a $25 late fee. The child will not be able to continue classes until the late fee, along with the monthly balance is paid. If the balance (including the 1st late fee) is not paid by the 7th of the month, a final late fee of $25 is added to the account and you are removed from the auto-enrollment program.

If the payment, including the late fees, is not received by the end of the month, the participant’s gym privileges will be terminated and your account will be sent out for collections. Unless specific financial arrangements have been made in advance with the Gym Director or Office Manager, the stated payment due dates and fee(s) are the only accepted consideration. Payment can be made with cash, check or debit/credit card and can be made in person or over the phone.

Termination of Class Participation

Sterling Gymnastics Academy requires that a one-month (if your anniversary is coming up), written termination of participation notice be submitted to info@sterlinggymnastics.com with the subject line: Termination of Auto-Enrollment for “Child’s Name”. This notice alerts front desk personnel to remove your child from our Auto-Enrollment Program, and your card will be removed from auto-pay. If we are not notified, at-least one-month prior, your card will continue to be charged and Sterling Gymnastics Academy will assume you have authorized us to continue charging for the next 12 months.


Families registering for 2 classes, are eligible for a 10% discount. Families registering for 3 classes or more are eligible for a 15% discount.

Military families are eligible for a 10% discount for the first child. Additional children are discounted according to our standard discount policy. Only one discount applies per family (whichever is greater). Registration, competitive team tuition/fees, camp, Parents’ Night Out, open gyms, birthday parties etc. are not discounted.


To insure each participant is allowed to focus on the planned activity, we request parents remain in the viewing area. While we understand that you are proud of your child’s accomplishments, please afford us the opportunity of conducting class with a minimum of distraction. Please refrain from knocking on the windows, opening doors, yelling through the glass, waving, etc.

Gym Rules

In any activity, there exists the potential for injury, minimal to catastrophic. The following rules and regulations are strictly enforced:

  • No running or tumbling in the lobby and/or parents-viewing area. No “horseplay” in any area of the facility at any time. Food and beverages are not allowed in the gym. Water only in a spill proof container may be brought into the gym.
  • Children and/or guests not currently registered in a Sterling Gymnastics Academy program are not allowed to participate under any circumstances without a signed waiver from a parent or guardian.
  • Participants are not to be left unattended outside the building at any time. The viewing areas are for the comfort of parents, participants, and guests alike and is not intended as an extension of the gymnastics instructional area. Please do not allow your children to jump on or from the furniture and/or cubies, sit or stand on the tables or chairs, toss or throw any objects, stand children on the window ledges or all behavior that will detract from the enjoyment of others.
  • Proper attire is required (See Attire).
  • If your child is ill do not bring him/her to class. ANY CHILD WITH contagious symptoms should be left at home. Staff that notices rashes and/or other symptoms that they believe to be a potential danger to other participants will ask the parents to schedule a make-up.
  • If your child has a physical disability or is taking medication that may cause an adverse reaction, immediately inform the Gym Director. It is your responsibility to inform the Gym Director of any change in health status and/or medication upon occurrence. Your child’s registration form will be updated annually to include this information and will be kept in strictest confidence. Should your child require a medication to be kept on hand, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to supply and maintain the medication.
  • Participants are required to maintain safe standards before, during, and after class instruction. Participants not adhering to the rules and regulations of safe conduct will be asked to sit in “Time Out” until, at the discretion of the instructor, the participants are able to safely continue class. If behavioral problems persist, the Gym Director or class instructor will confer with the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the participant. Parents are required to allow the coaching staff to maintain control of the class.
  • Any injury, no matter how minor in appearance, is to be immediately reported to the participant’s instructor or the Gym Director upon occurrence. Should a participant be under the care of a physical for an injury, whether it occurred at Sterling Gymnastics Academy or another venue, you are required to submit a physician’s release for allowing the participant to resume normal activity prior to the participant returning to class/instruction.

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