Trampoline Class (TNT)

Trampoline Class (TNT) Recreational Gymnastics

Trampoline Class (TNT)

  • Weekly Progress Updates
  • Increases Balance & Body Control
  • Helps Develop Self Esteem & Confidence
  • Enhances Flexibility, Coordination & Strength
  • Great Opportunity to Enhance Cheer Skills

This class is a trampoline based class. Your gymnast will learn how to flip, spin and twist on all our professional trampolines. The coach will use proper progressions and spotting techniques to keep your gymnast safe!

Class Content


30 minutes


5 minutes

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Course Instructors

Preschool & Recreational Director Gymnastics

Jesse Mercado

Preschool & Recreational Director

I have over 30 years experience as a gymnast and 20+ years coaching gymnastics. I look forward to positivity influencing each and every gymnast! Favorite Quote "You've got all it takes, but it will take everything you got"

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You personally affect the life, path, and attitude of a child. That is an amazing responsibility.