Our Policies

Sales & Refunds Policy

General Refund Policy

Once a payment is taken there are absolutely no REFUNDS for any reason. Under very limited circumstances, we may offer a credit to your account for future use. These credits almost always expire after 1 year. These are 100% curtesy based, and not required or guaranteed.


Automatic Payments

Smaller, manageable monthly payments. The monthly tuition is based on an annual average (48 Weeks) so your automatic payments can stay the same each month. Every month on the 25th we will process tuition for the subsequent month (assuming you had not paid with cash/check prior to the 25th).

Unlimited Make Ups

Can’t make it to class? Sick, Out of Town, or Just Busy? You can schedule a make up after class is missed! Make ups are permitted in any class (same type) with available space. Make Ups do not expire, permitting continuous enrollment (dropping ALL enrollments for a child will remove make ups accrued for said child).

Late Payments

If you have a balance and the payment method on-file cannot be processed on the 25th, we will notify you with a text/email. If payment is not made by the prior to the 30th, your class will be dropped and offered to others (waitlisted or otherwise).

Continuous Enrollment

Through continuous enrollment, there will be months that have 5 weeks (5 classes), months that have 4 weeks (4 classes), and some months a few months that will have 3 weeks (3 classes). All this average out throughout the year and will total 48 classes for each day. You can view our yearly calendar online that details what days are open/closed for classes. While make ups are allowed, there will be no pro-rated or refunded tuitions for missed classes.

Mid-Month Enrollment

There will be no prorating tuition, for any reason. We generally recommend beginning on the 1st of the month; however, if you choose to start mid-month…any missed classes for the month (days not closed) will be credited in the form of make-up classes. Please refer to our make-up policy for additional details on expiration dates.

Waitlist Enrollment

SGA is proud to waitlists for any class that is currently full with enrollment! This can be done online, in-person, or over the phone. You are welcome to call/email at any point to check the status of your waitlist or wait to hear from us via phone/email about an opening.

Once a spot becomes available, you will automatically be enrolled AND charged immediately with a start date on the 1st of the next month. You will receive an email confirmation with details, and a reminder to drop/hold any other classes you wish to discontinue before the 25th of the month. There is a possibility that you could be enrolled and charged for the waitlist class at 11:59PM on the 24th, and thus would not have time to drop/hold any current classes. If this happens, you will still be responsible for paying for the current classes and the newly active class.

If the payment declines when we try to automatically charge for switching from waitlist to active, you will receive an email notification and given 24 hours to submit payment. After 24 hours, the available spot will go to the next person on the list.

Account Hold Policy

If for any reason you decide to put your account on hold, you may do so from the parent portal. REMEMBER: Account Holds are required prior to the 25th! For example, if you would like to put a hold on a class starting September 30th, you will need to submit the request by September 24th before 11:59PM. If the account hold is submitted after the 24th of the month, the earliest account hold date will be for the last day of the following month. Account Holds save your spot in class AND any make up classes you have accrued on your account. YOU WILL NOT EARN ADDITIONAL MAKE UP CLASSES WHILE YOUR ACCOUNT IS ON HOLD. Your Account Hold remains in effect on each selected class UNTIL you either submit a drop request (YOU LOSE ACCRUED MAKE UPS) OR you re-enroll (reply to email to confirm re-enrollment).

Drop Policy

If for any reason you decide to drop a class, simply complete the Drop Request ONLINE (LINK HERE) or if you are using our Parent Portal, click the drop button next to the enrollment. REMEMBER: Drops are required prior to the 25th! For example, if you would like to drop a class on September 30th, you will need to submit the request by September 24th. If the drop request is submitted after the 24th of the month, the earliest drop date will be for the last day of the following month.

Please note: All drop requests will be for the last day of the month and verbal drop requests are not accepted.

Your tuition pays for a class spot, regardless of attendance. Tuition will not be prorated for absences or scheduled closures. Unscheduled closures, while uncommon, will result in an additional make up.

All classes are subject to change and close without notice. Instructors are subject to change without notice. No credits or refunds will be issued for instructor changes.

As a courtesy to our families, we will make exceptions for doctor-certified injuries or long-term illnesses.

To receive a refund for days missed because of long-term illness or injury:

The student will be dropped from the activity, and you will be issued a credit from the date we receive the note. If we are presented with a doctor’s note after the activity has passed, we cannot issue credits or refunds.

However, if you wish to hold a spot in a specific gymnastics class, no credits or refunds can be given even in the case of injuries or illness.

Flu/Illness Policy

Families agree to stay at home if they have recently been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 or any Flu-like symptoms. This is for the safety of everyone involved.

Sterling Gymnastics Academy reserves the right to take each child/parent’s temperature as they enter the building. Any child/parent can be refused entry due to an elevated temperature and/or obvious symptoms (sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, upset stomach, feverish/pale-look). If my child is refused entry, they will be given a “Make-Up Class” (no prorating or refunds will be given).

Please note: if an accompanying parent has a fever, the child COULD also be refused entry. This is for the safety of our facility, the staff, and the other families.


Families registering for 2 classes, are eligible for a 10% discount. Families registering for 3 classes or more are eligible for a 15% discount.

Military families are eligible for an ADDITIONAL 10% discount. Competitive team tuition/fees, camp, Parents’ Night Out, open gyms, birthday parties etc. are not discounted.


All Sales are final. No exceptions.

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are available in 30 or 60-minute increments, individually or in groups of no more than 3. You will be required to fill out an Individual Lesson Request Form. This form will be then given to a qualified coach, who will contact you from our local phone (586-553-9481). You are not permitted to be in contact with the coach via any other outlet other than in person, at Sterling Gymnastics Academy, or over the gym’s main number. Individual lessons are for a specific skill and/or event. Individual Lessons are prepaid, and non-refundable under any circumstances. If the gym were to be closed (unscheduled), or if the coach cannot make the individual lesson (and a competent replacement cannot be located), the gym/coach will call to reschedule the individual lesson.


Return Check Fee

A $25 fee per returned check occurrence is assessed. Sterling Gymnastics Academy reserves the right to request payments be made in cash or bank check in any instance.

Successful Chargeback

A $50 fee will be assessed to any account that files chargeback. This will be due upon return to our facility in any capacity, as a guest of a party/event or as a class/open gym participant.

Prepaid Classes

All recreational and preschool classes can be paid in advance for the entire year, this will allow for a 25% discount. Please see the front desk to make arrangements.

**Note: Refunds will not be issued for prepaid classes.