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We have both Boys and Girls Competitive Programs from 5 all the way up to 18, and from level 4 through Elite. The goal of the program is to teach the athletes discipline while having fun in an engaging and learning environment. Our gymnasts practice anywhere from 2-20 hours per week.

Why should your son/daughter join an SGA Team?

Gymnastics is the perfect foundational sport. There is no sport that teaches basic fundamental athletic skills better than gymnastics, especially for young kids who lack the motor and cognitive skills for team ball sports. In gymnastics class, your child will learn to run, jump, and balance, to develop their coordination and body awareness and to become stronger and more flexible. These basic athletics skills are then transferable to any sport they choose to play when he gets older. Or, if they opts out of sports all together, they will have a foundation for fitness. [More about what specifically makes SGA better than other gymnastics in the area]

Team Philosophy Statement

Our purpose at Sterling Gymnastics Academy is to assist each student in maximizing his or her development across a broad range of facets. We invest in educating the whole child. While maintaining a high level of performance is an important goal, it needs to be achieved in tandem with character development. Promoting the development of skills related to leadership, goal setting, time management, and emotional maturation is paramount to our success.

No student has exactly parallel goals when compared to another student. Our program helps children discover and choose what exactly they want out of gymnastics, and we help to provide it. Whether it is becoming an elite level competitive gymnast, making strong and lasting connections with other students, or pursuing physical perfection, we want all students to be actively involved in shaping their direction. We believe it should be the children’s needs and goals we help nurture, and strive to educate the adults surrounding the children to let that happen. Students should know it was their choices that brought them success. In the end, for however long an athlete stays with us, we desire only that he or she leaves with a feeling of accomplishment and success.